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Mother and Baby

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Sue Gibson -  Birthing and Post Natal Doula

About Me

I’m Sue, also known as the WyeDoula. I'm trained as a Birthing and Postnatal Doula and live in South Wales and have four grown up children. If you are reading this chances are you might be pregnant. If so, congratulations!


My fascination with childbirth started many years ago when a friend invited me to her home birth. She had an active birth, delivered in an upright position and I found it awe inspiring!


Up until then I had been terrified of childbirth. I came away thinking: “I could have a go at that!” I went on to marry a year later, and have my children with confidence, embracing the active childbirth principles I’d learnt from my friend.

Whilst giving support to another friend in labour, the midwife suggested I should become a doula. I was delighted to discover such a job existed and thus began my journey of supporting women through pregnancy, birth and beyond. I trained with Nurturing Birth.

Having raised my family, including two step sons, the time became right  to whole heartedly give my energy into supporting women through childbirth. I've supported several women on their birth  journeys, including two repeat bookings from a couple of families who asked me to be with them for their first babies birth. I offer postnatal work too and I also provide online support remotely for mothers around the world.


The Wye Doula Blog


Home Visits

Home visits allow me to get to know you and build an understanding of your needs. I am happy to travel up to an hour to you.

Birth Doula

I will be on call from 38 weeks until the birth. I will be there as soon as I can to provide you with support and love during the labour

Post Natal Support

I can help you enjoy your baby moon by giving practical and emotional support and give you the time you need to bond with your baby.

Baby Toes


Sue supported me through two long births. I couldn’t have done it without her. She was with me all the way, and gave me and my partner the most amazing support throughout. Having her alongside gave me calm, centred emotional, spiritual and physical support…she seemed to know exactly what I needed and when, and gave me great encouragement all the way through. She seemed to always understand how to help, without taking over..and her non medical help was just what we needed.  It was great to have her there to welcome my sons into the world!
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