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What can I offer?

Hi! I’m Sue and I'm a Birthing and Postnatal Doula in South Wales with four grown up children. If you are reading this chances are you might be pregnant. If so, congratulations! This is such an exciting time but also a time where you may want some caring and practical support to help you make informed decisions before, during and after labour.

I am passionate about supporting women and families through pregnancy, birth and postnatal care.

What do you need? A listening ear, someone to share relevant information and provide gentle, calm, reassuring support? I can help with all of these. Together we can discuss the issues that are on your mind, the support you feel you need and the information that will help empower you to have the most positive experience you can, regardless of how the birth of your child unfolds.

As a birthing doula I have an understanding of the many things that aid birth, including the important role of hormones for pain relief. I can help you feel comfortable and gain confidence to embrace your labour, feeling positive and with a great trust in your body. I believe having a positive birth experience encourages a good foundation for the ongoing relationship with your newborn babe.

During these uncertain times with social distancing I can provide remote support. Im happy to do this for anyone looking for a UK Doula.

We can meet as many times you need but preferably at least each month leading up to the birth to prepare and to build a relationship. We can involve your partner if you wish during part of our time together as this can be beneficial as we plan for the birth.

I will be on call from 38 weeks, day and night and will provide caring support during labour through to the birth of your baby and a couple of hours after whilst you settle in together, while giving you plenty of space to enjoy this special bonding time. I will visit you at least twice following the birth over the next few days and will most likely bring something tasty and nourishing to eat.

I also offer post natal support for as little or as long as you need, helping you to enjoy the baby moon period, (early few weeks) and the forth trimester, (3 months following birth) and beyond if required. I will offer calm and loving support to help you manage the responsibilities within the home so that you can have as much time as possible to cherish and bond with your little one. I offer practical help, a listening ear and will help make sure you are well nourished with rest, good food and kind words of encouragement.

More about Me…

My fascination with childbirth started many years ago when a friend invited me to her home-birth. She had an active birth, delivered in an upright position and I found it awe inspiring! Up until then I had been terrified of childbirth. I came away thinking: “I could have a go at that!” I went on to marry a year later, and have my children with confidence, embracing the active childbirth principles I’d learnt from my friend. Whilst giving support to another friend in labour, the midwife suggested I should become a doula. I was delighted to discover such a job existed and thus began my journey of supporting women through pregnancy, birth and beyond. I trained with Nurturing Birth.

Having raised my family, including two step sons and having been very involved with the care of my elderly parents I now feel this is the perfect time to whole heartedly give my time and energy into supporting women through childbirth. My experience so far apart from my own children includes two repeat bookings from a couple of families who asked me to be with them for their first babies birth. I am also an artist and particularly enjoy drawing portraits. Instead of birth photography with any booking I am offering a free portrait of your beautiful baby. to cherise forever.

You can also find my profile on Doula UK here -

I can't wait to hear your story and I'm excited to provide caring doulas support during this most special time.

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