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What is a Doula?

Doula is a Greek word which means a woman who cares for other women. The word has further evolved to mean a woman experienced in childbirth who provide continous physical and emotional support before birth, during labour and postnatally.

A Doula gives non medical psychological encouragement and physical assistance to the newly delivered mother and provides the woman and her partner both emotional and physical support throughout the entire labour and delivery and to some extent afterwards. Other people use terms such as labour coach, montrice, childbirth assistant, labour companion and mother assistant.

A doula is not a medical practitioner and is not there to directly advise but to sign post, to help the mother to be able to make informed decisions.

Why hire a Doula?

Since ancient times women would have been supported by many women in their commmunity around pregnancy, childbirth and raising children. These days society is very different, women often live away from families and close friends and births have become more medicalized, moving away from the home and into hospitals.

A Doula looks to mother the mother, providing the missing ingredient of a woman's nurturing support. As a woman comes to understand her own body, natural abilities and inner power, she can become confident and empowered. Not all births are textbook, but by having confidence in yourself and through the support of a Doula it can help you navigate through the challenges of pregnancy and labour.

Studies have shown that Doula supported births are more likely to have a reduced length in labour and reduced need for pain medication and other obstetric interventions. Having caring and compassionate support during labour will help increase a womans natural hormones which will aid in labour.

How much does a doula cost UK ?

Although costs can vary between experience and area, you can typically expect the cost to be around £500-£1000. This figure also depends on the level of support and frequency of visits. Every package is personally tailored to fit your needs,  so I would encourage you to reach out for a quick chat via email, on the phone or over a warm drink at a coffee shop.

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